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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

BC Serial Killer & Zodiac Killer Suspects Wore Same Watch

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Henning wore a Timex watch that looked identical to the one it is thought Zodiac may have left behind at the crime scene were Cheri Jo Bates was found murdered in 1966.

The watch was spattered in white, exterior type paint; consistant with Henning's long line of work in Carpentry and related work.  I personally saw him wearing this type of watch for the 16 years that I knew him.  When the watch broke down at one point, he replaced it with one very similar, although I believe he complained he couldn't find one exactly the same....

I personally saw Henning Wear Watch That Appeared to Be Identical to Watch Found at Crime Scene


Found at Crime Scene & Henning's Watch




  1. The crime scene photos show a tapering wristband.
    In your photos the watchband is straight.

    Just a thought.

  2. I do realize that and the article isn't to say that the watch found at the police scene is the same watch in the photo. That would be impossible considering the watch found at Cheri Jo Bates was before I was even born, and me in the photo I am about 20 years old sitting on Henning's knee. The point is that it is a similar watch and that the watch found at Cheri Jo Bates murder scene was also spattered in paint which is consistant with Henning's long career in carpentry related work. Whoever's watch it is that was found at the murder, it could be considereed that that person replaced the watch with a similar watch and perhaps stayed with that similar style during his lifetime.... It is rational to believe that someone who liked that type of watch will stay with that type of style, but as time changes, it may not always be viable to find something that is exactly the same, hence the watch is similar and not identical.