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Saturday, September 10, 2016

The REAL Story is About our Missing & Murdered Women, RCMP Neglect and What Happened to My Child.....

I know I have not kept this blog up-to-date since about mid 2013 after I had an accident in a grocery store that caused me to twist my pelvis and develop chronic pain syndrome which also caused my nervous system to go out of whack.  I won't get into the details about how dibilitating that has been for me, but it has been the reason why I haven't posted more regular updates to the blog or why the book never came out even though I had made some serious headway by the beginning of 2013.

I wanted to take this opportunity to speak up for my character and for the TRUE STORY behind my book.  It seems that there will be those out there after all this time who will find it necessary to attack me and the reasoning behind why I am writing a book which I take as a personal attack on my character.  One thing I learned from a young age having to fend for myself in life on my own, is sometimes you have things and sometimes you don't, but the one thing you can ALWAYS take with you throughout your life is "Integrity", and my integrity means everything to me and it is not something that I am EVER willing to deviate from.

This blog contains some interesting, circumstatial evidence that could possibly relate my suspect in the Missing and Murdered BC women over the past 40 years to being related to the Zodiac Killer and there was a period of time that I worked relentlessly on research of Zodiac, personal connections that I made based on inside information I had because I knew this man for half my life before my child disclosed her abuse and subsequent eyewitness acount of murders.  I had about 700 hours worth of research in my old laptop that I lost when Windows 8 wiped out my Outlook Express and various links and references that I had emailed myself for months was wiped out and despite hiring computer experts could never be recovered.

Initially I was going to write a book with a combination of Zodiac conspiracy theory and the story of our MMIW and what happened to my daughter, but later determined I was best to stick with the FACTS to best bring awareness to what happened to my child. the RCMP neglect and how my suspect may be involved in our MMIW.  I had planned to at a later time perhaps write another book that would be dedicated to a conspiracy theory about Zodiac just because I personally found many of these conincides striking and just bizarre and I know many of you out there as well have found them to be quite interesting because I follow back my stats to traffic sources to other forums and such and see the topic being discussed and I know what many of you have to say about my blog and I know there is a genuine interest in the Zodiac conspiracy theory as well, however this story ALWAYS originated with the abuse of my child, the murder stories she relayed to me, the RCMP's inaction and neglect and my subsequent fight for over a decade to get the police to find Henning Lagies as a viable suspect regarding our missing women and to investigate him.

I have been lucky enough to have the support and suggestions of some team players such as Tom Raycove, Pat Bermel, Kathy Steck-Flynn , and Nina Helene Hirten, who have helped to steer me in the right direction, to ensure that I keep the facts as real as they can be in order to reach my objective which is to gain the public support needed to finally take this story seriously by the policing agencies, to investigate Henning as a viable suspect and to hold the RCMP accountable for their negligence in some kind of form, even if it is just by saying "We made a mistake in how we handled this child witness and we need to take steps to treat child victims of such heinous crimes with more respect in future."  THIS WAS HOPEFULLY TO BE THE FIRST REAL STEP IN REGARDS TO MY STORY TO ACTUALLY FINDING SOME ANSWERS REGARDING OUR MISSING AND MURDERED WOMEN AND FINDING SOME KIND OF ANSWERS AND PEACE FOR FAMILIES.

This story continues to be followed in more than 100 countries in the world even though I do nothing at all to promote this story any longer and haven't done anything to promote this story since sometime in 2012 like I used to in various forums and via social media.  I thank those who continue to reach out to me, to leave comments offering me and my daughter their support, the personal emails that I still receive encouraging me to go on and to never give up; I cannot tell you how much it means to me.  It is frustrating to be trapped in this body that doesn't work properly anymore and puts such limitations on me that I cannot fight for this cause that has been so near and dear to my heart, and has embraced my soul as if each and every one of the victims and their family members have somehow touched me personally and spoken to me not to give up.

Any of you who know me personally or who have followed my story know that me writing a book has NEVER been about trying to exploit my daughter or our MMIW to make money for myself.  This story was never about ME or about MONEY FOR MYSELF!!!!  People who have actually followed this story know that I have stuggled for years trying to originally raise funds on my own to pay for forensics because I didn't trust handing over the possible evidence I have to the police without having DNA testing done myself first.  I was trying to raise money for a cadaever dog and his handler and see if there was a way to sniff around his apartment where he dug out that compartment underneath his bathroom floor.... there were several things I was trying to fund.  Yes this breaks the "Chain of command", for the evidence and would make it inadmissable in court, but the thing is nobody was listening to me anyway and this was more about finding answers than it was punishing the subject.

It has also been another pursuit of mine to start the JENN Foundation.  Development of the JENN Foundation (Justice & Education for Nationwide Nobility), named after my abused daughter was intended to work towards justice and equality for all members of society, crime prevention strategies and getting kids off the street and creating jobs for People with Disabilities which is also near and dear to my heart because my mother was handicapped, I have raised a special needs stepdaughter, I am currently raising my special needs granddaughter and I have worked with or lived around handicapped people my ENTIRE LIFE.  Working towards making change in our community agencies, particularly policing organizations so that all victims of a crime and their families are treated equally was a real goal of mine and something that I was taking on single-handedly to develop and implement and I won't have ANYBODY take my good character, my hard work and everything that I have sacrificed to find answers and bring peace to our families here in British Columbia, Canada without fighting for my good name and the TRUE meaning behind this story, until the bitter end.

Everything in my life has chaned due to this accident.... my daughter's daughter whom she couldn't care for because of all the ugly scars this abuse left on her, now suffers because I am disabled and unable to even take her to the park and do activities with her because my body doesn't work properly anymore.  I have to hire people to take her out, but I am low income and can only afford so much.  I have worked hard my entire life and until my dying breath I won't give up fighting for my cause, fighting to get better, fighting to reclaim my life and be the best mom that I can be for my granddaughter, but when you are homeless and couch-surfing living out of boxes it isn't easy.  I have always been a fighter and I have always persevered somehow, someway, this thing has just gotten the best of me. I am asking you all to please remember the true meaning of this story and I hope that one day I can actually follow through on my aspirations so that somehow, out of all the ugliness and sickening tragedy, maybe a single flower may blossom and finally some answers will be found, even if out of all this the one thing I can finally achieve is CHANGE FOR THE BETTER TO PREVAIL TO AVERT SUCH NEGLIGENCE IN FUTURE.

Thank you everyone and God Bless.


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

NEW Canadian Prime Minister Assures Inquiry for Missing/Murdered Indigenous Women

Thank you Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada | Parti libéral du Canada for seeing the need in having a national inquiry into the missing and murdered indigenous women in Canada.

Looking forward to hopefully seeing justice for the families and friends of the victims!

Rinelle Harper is a 16 year old young woman who was beaten and left for dead.  She bravely speaks out and called upon our previous Prime Minister Harper for an inquiry into our missing and murdered Aboriginal women, but unfortunately this was not a priority for the Conservative party of Canada or Mr. Harper.  Thank you Rinelle for your bravery and sending this important message.

This is the news story from November 12, 2014 in Winnipeg, Manitoba where Rinelle Harper was viciously attacked and then attacked again by the same men who had already beaten and sexually assaulted her.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

I've Been Absent, but I Haven't Given Up....

Hi everyone, I know it has been a very long time since I have updated my blog.  I still receive your personal emails asking when the book is coming out and your words of support encouraging me to go on.  I want to assure you that I still think of  my daughter and her denied justice every day.  I still think of our missing women every day and I pray that somehow I will still be able to find answers.

I had an accident in the Summer of 2013 and my injuries have still not resolved, but I am trying very hard to get better.  There has been some new information regarding the suspect Henning Lagies that has come to light, but I am not prepared to talk about it at this time.

For now I continue to work on my rehabilitation and I have been caring for my daughter's child now since she was a baby.  So no, I haven't forgotten about our missing women or my mission, and I have't forgotten about all of you out there who have supported me on my journey to find justice.  I just pray that somehow, someway I can overcome this current obstacle with my health and resume my fight for justice.

Thank you everyone and God Bless.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Child Statement to RCMP who is RUDE to Her!!

Listen to the audio... the RCMP officer, Constable Dave Strachan recognizes that the recording device is poor, but does nothing to fix it... then he eventually proceeds to say "You have all day to play games with me..."

This is how he interviews an 8 year old child who has been anally raped and tortured for years... the reason I mention anal rape is because you will wonder why there was not evidence of rape... the perpetrator was too smart to do vaginal rape and my doctor confirmed that an anal abrasions heal very quickly just like sores in your mouth.. his words...

My child repeatedly asks for me... but when we got there Dave Strachan stood between my child and I and said "You need to go over there and you go in here; I need to talk to her alone!"  My child pleaded for me.... he finally had to bring me in... and was rude when he says "Can you come in here?"  Just a JERK!!!  Another JERK from the RCMP!!

Monday, December 31, 2012

Your Vote Will Determine How Much TRUE Graphic Content Will be Revealed in the Book

My book "Zodiac Killer North", is making serious headway now, but I need YOUR input to determine how much if any graphic content will be released in the book.

The graphic content is based on real depictions of pedophilia, torture, murder and cannibalism relayed to me by my then 8 year old daughter who was a victim of Henning's and whom I suspect is a killer in Canada, BC and possibly in the United States as well.  Because of the graphic nature of that content, I want input from my audiences to tell me what they want to see in the book.

I believe that sharing the details that my child shared with me are the essence of the evil portrayed in this story as well as what inspired my urgency in relaying this story to law enforcement and the public.  I also believe that sharing these vivid details will educate people as to the evil that lurks behind the innocent smile on a predator's face....

The details are shocking and I don't want to traumatize my audience or for my audience to feel the details are offensive.  This is why I am leaving the outcome to my audience to determine how much graphic content should be revealed in the book.

Please take my poll on the sidebar and choose your preference.  I also welcome your comments here with your feedback.  Thus far feedback on Facebook in my group "Zodiac Killer North", is 100% of those who participated and/or commented on the poll feel that relaying the truth the way my child told it, is the way the story should be told.

Determination of how much editing, if any to graphic content, will be made by YOU, the viewers!!

Please take my poll and leave your comments.  I really appreciate your input!!


More on my YouTube Channel "Zodiac North"

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

"Born to be an Angel" - Dedicated to the Missing Women in BC

Vancouver Musician Mike Burnard's song "Born to be an Angel", dedicated to the Missing Women in British Columbia and Families of the Missing everywhere.

Mike is the singer/songwriter who is currently working on an official music video which will portray the victimisation that drinking and driving causes. My beautiful granddaughter Evelynne will be in the official music video.

Please support Mike's song that will touch anyone who has lost a loved one, no matter how they were lost.

Please also show that you are one of the MILLIONS of hearts in the world who are thinking about missing persons. Whether you are an advocate, have or know someone who has a lost loved one. Please show your support by watching this video with a poem I wrote for the missing women in British Columbia, paired with the beautiful and touching music of Mike Burnard.

I have worked so very hard to bring awareness re our missing women. Please show your support by LIKING AND SHARING THIS VIDEO.

The Missing Still Have a Name....

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Anthony Iantosca, Another Forensic Examiner from the US Donates Services!

Thank you Tony for donating your services in the name of justice for my little girl. Another amazing gift from US experts who have stepped up to the plate in the name of justice!

Anthony Iantosca, Another US Forensic Examiner, Donates Services!

Anthony Iantosca, Forensic Examiner in the US brings his expertise to my case to analyze the audio of my child describing murders and more details about her abuse.

Mr. Iantosca, BCFE is a Board Certified Forensic Examiner / Profiler. A Diplomat of the American Board of Forensic Examiners and National Co-Chairman of the International Academy of Forensic Examiners and Investigators.

A Certified Handwriting Examiner who performs civil, criminal and forensic handwriting examination and threat assessment/analysis of documents involving forgery, harassment and fraud for Attorneys and the Private Sector.

Mr. Iantosca, BCFE is a Board Certified Forensic Handwriting Examiner with sixteen years experience, assessing the personality and their potential for violent and aggressive behavior. Threat assessment/analysis of documents involving homicide, attempted kidnapping, anonymous letters, stalking and drugs are the services performed for Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Attorneys and the Private Sector.

An active member of the Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence and the Asian Shelter and Advocacy Project (A.S.A.P.)