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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Anthony Iantosca, Another Forensic Examiner from the US Donates Services!

Thank you Tony for donating your services in the name of justice for my little girl. Another amazing gift from US experts who have stepped up to the plate in the name of justice!

Anthony Iantosca, Another US Forensic Examiner, Donates Services!

Anthony Iantosca, Forensic Examiner in the US brings his expertise to my case to analyze the audio of my child describing murders and more details about her abuse.

Mr. Iantosca, BCFE is a Board Certified Forensic Examiner / Profiler. A Diplomat of the American Board of Forensic Examiners and National Co-Chairman of the International Academy of Forensic Examiners and Investigators.

A Certified Handwriting Examiner who performs civil, criminal and forensic handwriting examination and threat assessment/analysis of documents involving forgery, harassment and fraud for Attorneys and the Private Sector.

Mr. Iantosca, BCFE is a Board Certified Forensic Handwriting Examiner with sixteen years experience, assessing the personality and their potential for violent and aggressive behavior. Threat assessment/analysis of documents involving homicide, attempted kidnapping, anonymous letters, stalking and drugs are the services performed for Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Attorneys and the Private Sector.

An active member of the Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence and the Asian Shelter and Advocacy Project (A.S.A.P.)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ron Rice, Court Qualified Forensic Examiner & Profiler Takes on Case!

Ron Rice Steps Up in the Name of Justice for My Little Girl!!!

Thank You Ron for Your Amazing and Generous Gift.

As Posted on Ron's Website:

Ron Rice is a Nationally Recognized Court Qualified/Appointed Forensic Examiner and Profiler of the Authors of Questioned, Anonymous, Threatening, Terrorist, Sexual, Ethnic, Religious Harassment and/or Forged Handwriting/Hand Printing Documents
*(Ron Rice is President of Checkmate Forensic Services, Inc.,
d.b.a. Checkmate Forensic Handwriting Examiners
& d.b.a. New England Legal Investigations & d.b.a. WomenConfidentialWorld)

Ron Rice Has Been Court Qualified/Appointed (FL, SC, IL) To Perform Legal/Forensic Behavioral Profiles Through Written
Communication on Victims of Alleged Suicide and Defendants Indicted on Capital Murder.
Ron's Profiles Paralleled Profiles Performed by the Court Appointed Psychiatrists.
Two (2) Alleged Suicides Ron Performed Profiles on Were Proven to be Forgeries and, in Fact, Homicides (IL, Republic of the Philippines).

Photo of Ron Rice Forensic Examiner in the United States in a newspaper article regarding his work on high profile cases including the Zodiac Killer

North East Office

124 Long Pond Road - Unit 6
Plymouth, MA 02360

Tel: (508) 746-2266 Fax: (508) 746-2265

South East Office

1425 Miller Blvd.
Fruitland Park, Florida 34731

Tel: (352) 435-7235 Fax: (352) 435-7236
e-mail: -
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