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Thursday, January 12, 2012

NEW Discovery Could Reveal Zodiac's Name & Location in British Columbia, Canada!

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Thanks to "G", who left numerous anonymous tips in the comments section under my post "Zodiac's my name is cipher solved?", there appears to be further evidence that Zodiac was living in British Columbia, Canada, and left clues to indicate so.  I would also like to thank MK-Zodiac  for his work that I have used in the theories stated here, as well as "The Hidden", from for his introduction of the Runic alphabet which I also use in my collaborative work to create the theories below.

I continue to develop theories here, so check back for updates!

It is important to note that the suspect Henning Lagies is of North German Ancestry and there is an association with "Old Norse".

TOP:  Original composite of the Zodiac Killer with hair parted to the side and added beard, compared to the BC, Canada suspect Henning Lagies, also suspected as being the BC Serial Killer responsible for many missing/murdered women here for the past 40 years.

BOTTOM:  Age progressed composite of Zodiac done in 2009, compared to the portrait with glasses removed, hair parted and beard added.... strongly resembles BC Serial Killer suspect Henning Lagies.

I have bold typed words that are important in this post.

First of all let's show that in British Columbia (BC), there is a "Zodiac Mountain" in the Cariboo region of BC and a "Mt. Diablo" located in Valhalla Provincial Park, BC.  The suspect Henning Lagies has been associated co-residences in both the Vancouver area, and 100 Mile House, but Henning told me the location of his house in the interior was technically more of a 108 Mile Ranch address.

If we map the locations via satellite imaging we see markers that will create a triangle if we draw lines through them.  Due to the location of Zodiac Mountain and Mt. Diablo there are not any charted roads to these locations, thus google maps cannot chart the directions with the blue line either (there are likely numerous logging roads through out BC and these areas).

KEY: A = 108 Mile Ranch (100 Mile House), B = Zodiac Mountain, C = Mt. Diablo, D = Vancouver. All the said locations are in British Columbia.

View Larger Map

If we view the map and connect the marker locations from BC to Mt. Diablo in California we see a triangular shape similar to the triangular shape of some of Zodic's crime scenes in the Bay area.  Now this may completely irrelevant to the BC link, but I thought it to be interesting how similar the triangles are if you were to fill in the area on the BC map down to San Francisco, CA....

View Larger Map

Map Showing Locations of 4 Zodiac Crime Scenes

Now let's look at the letter the San Francisco Chronicle received in June 1970 from Zodiac with clues leading to the location of a bomb Zodiac claimed to have hidden.  With that letter was a map that Zodiac had drawn on with instructions to put the compass on top of Mt. Diablo, CA and set "0" to Magnetic North.  The numbers at the other points of the compass are East = 3, South = 6 and West = 9.

The letter and map are below:


Magnetic North will not be straight ahead like "True North", but will deviate to the East by 14 degrees.  The figure below represents True North where the star is, Grid North (GN) and Magnetic North (MN).


Now let's look at the map from Mt. Diablo, CA to Mt, Diablo, BC and we can see that if we follow the clue that Zodiac left written on the map to put the compass on top of Mt. Diablo, CA and point "0" to magnetic north that we pass fairly close to Mt. Diablo, BC. I cannot be exact without a hard copy map to draw the angles on, but to the naked eye it is pretty close. Take note that "Diablo" means "Devil", in Spanish and if we look a little farther East we find "Satan Peak", right beside the peak of Mt. Diablo, BC.

Mt. Diablo, CA to Mt. Diablo, BC

View Larger Map

Mt. Diablo, BC in relation to Satan Peak, BC

KEY: A = Mt. Diablo, B = Satan Peak (British Columbia)

View Larger Map

In this same mountain range we also find "Devil's Dome", "Devil's Couch", "Devil's Spire", and "Lucifer Peak".

KEY: A = Mt. Diablo, B = Satan Peak, C = Devil's Spire, D = Devil's Couch, E = Devil's Dome, F = Lucifer Peak

View Larger Map

Now if we take the numbers that Zodiac wrote on the map "0,3,6,9", there are a couple things that we can do with this that may be clues. First let's remove the "0" because it's value doesn't add or subtract from the numbers. If we look at "The number of the Beast", which is "666", we can recreate this number by simply taking 3 away from the 9 on the compass and adding it to the 3 on the compass, leaving us with a six at each point in addition to the 6 that was already there. Now we have the numbers "666", the Devil's number.

If we take into account pointing the compass Magnetic North from Mt. Diablo, CA we would land pretty darn close to Mt. Diablo, BC which also means Devil and is surrounded by Satan Peak, Devil's Range (does not show on Satellite image), Devil's Spire, Devil's Couch and Devil's Dome.

The other thing we can do with these numbers is read them in reverse as 9,6,3 and subtract the number of miles from Mt. Diablo, CA to Mt. Diablo, BC we have the equation 963-855 = 108 which may be a clue to where the suspect Henning Lagies would later build a home in 108 Mile Ranch, BC.

Now let's get a visual on "Zodaic Mountain", BC

View Larger Map

Zodiac Mountain in Relation to Mt. Diablo, BC and 108 Mile Ranch an Area Where the Suspect Henning Lagies co-owned a home that was secondary to his Vancouver residence. The map to all 4 BC Locations create a triangle with Zodiac Mountain being at the top of the triangle. This may represent a mountian and point to the Peak of Zodiac Mountain.

View Larger Map

Mt. Diablo, Ca to Zodiac Mountain, BC to Mt. Diablo, BC creates another triangle. It would be interesting to measure the true angles in these various maps to see exactly where we stand in relation to the original clue Zodiac left.....

It would seem that Magnetic North from atop Mt. Diablo, CA would lead to this defined area in BC.... where exactly we land would need to be determined by using a hardcopy map, ruler and protractor, unless anyone else out there knows how to determine the angles on the internet or can perform the mechanical calculations.... I welcome anyone to submit their theories. TOGETHER we may actually find some resolutions to the mystery of Zodiac!

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But wait, we are not done yet!

As pointed out by "G", who left a number of theories relating to Zodiac being from British Columbia, there are other clues to investigate.

Now let's take the Halloween card that Zodiac sent......

Here is a copy of the front cover to the right, and the back cover to the left that Zodiac wrote on.  The pumpkin on the front cover is not part of the retail card, but was attached by Zodiac to the skeleton on the front.  Note that the shape of the skeleton's arms resemble a "Z", possibly standing for "Zodiac"

Here is a Picture of the inside of the card.  Zodiac cut out the picture of this skeleton from another card and pasted inside this card.  Note that the skeleton's arms resemble the shape of  the"Peak" like drawing at the bottom of the card.... Perhpas the apparent "Z" the skeleton's arms make on the front of the card and the apparent "Mountain Peak" shapes in the formation of an "M" represents "Zodiac Mountain".


The phrase "I feel it in my bones you ache to know my name, so I will clue you in.", means he has left a clue on the card as to his identity and that clue is left inside the card.  The symbol below actually reveals his name and location in plain sight, if Zodiac is indeed the suspect Henning Lagies.


To determine Zodiac's name we must look at the Runic alphabet.  I would like to thank "G", for directing me to this link

I would also like to thank the person on that site with the identity of "The Hidden" , who submitted the clues on that message board regarding the Runic alphabet.  It is with the help of these two individuals that I may have made sense out of the clues left on the Halloween card.

So let's look at the two symbols below that appear on the Halloween card:

Follow this link to find out interesting details about the Runic script that could assist in decoding Zodiac's ciphers

The runic alphabets are a set of related alphabets using letters known as runes to write various Germanic languages before the adoption of the Latin alphabet and for specialized purposes thereafter. The Scandinavian variants are also known as futhark (or fuþark, derived from their first six letters of the alphabet: F, U, Þ, A, R, and K); the Anglo-Saxon variant is futhorc (due to sound changes undergone in Old English by the same six letters). Runology is the study of the runic alphabets, runic inscriptions, runestones, and their history. Runology forms a specialized branch of Germanic linguistics.

LaguzLaguz: (L: Water, or a leek.) Flow, water, sea, a fertility source, the healing power of renewal. Life energy and organic growth. Imagination and psychic matters. Dreams, fantasies, mysteries, the unknown, the hidden, the deep, the underworld. Success in travel or acquisition, but with the possibility of loss. Laguz Reversed or Merkstave: An indication of a period of confusion in your life. You may be making wrong decisions and poor judgements. Lack of creativity and feelings of being in a rut. Fear, circular motion, avoidance, withering. Madness, obsession, despair, perversity, sickness, suicide.
(note that in Zodiac's drawing the symbol for Laguz is reversed and the meaning of Laguz reversed fits several aspects of his psychological profile).

AnsuzAnsuz: (A: The As, ancestral god, i.e. Odin.) A revealing message or insight, communication. Signals, inspiration, enthusiasm, speech, true vision, power of words and naming. Blessings, the taking of advice. Good health, harmony, truth, wisdom. Ansuz Reversed or Merkstave: Misunderstanding, delusion, manipulation by others, boredom. Vanity and grandiloquence. (Odin is a mighty, but duplicitous god. He always has his own agenda.)
(Odin and the Runic alphabet are referenced in Norse Mythology - Links to this are near the end of this post).

Now I would like to thank MK-Zodiac for his work here which lead me to more clues as to the identity and location of the Zodiac Killer, again that is if Henning Lagies the suspect is indeed the Zodiac Killer.

MK-Zodiac has noted that Zodiac played games and purposely mispelled words as a form of game that Zodiac was playing, and has made some interesting discoveries that play into my theory.  In particular I would like to point out the following in MK-Zodiac's work:

The word "lav", backwards is "val".

The word "val" is and Old Norse word meaning "slaughter", or "slay", or "kill".

The word "val" is related to the Old Norse word "valr" meaning "the dead", or "the slain", or "Corpses on the battlefield".

Also the word "val" is the root word of "Vallhalla" which is an Old Norse word meaning "hall of the slain".

We can see that the letters "Lav", are underlined by Zodiac on the Halloween card envelope and if we reverse the letters they read "val", which is where the work of MK-Zodiac comes into play.

Here is a picture of the envelope that Zodiac mailed the Halloween card in.  Note that the symbol that Zodiac drew is in the return address location, further indicating that this symbol reveals his name (as pointed out by "G").

First let's look at the fact that "Mt. Diablo, BC" is located in "Vallahalla Provincial Park".  According to MK-Zodiac "Lav" backwards is "Val" and is the root word of "Vallhalla", which is another play on words for "Vallahalla", a provincial park in British Columbia where "Mt. Diablo, BC" is located.

Another clue that I found in MK-Zodiac's work is "Val" being an Old Norse word for "Corpses on the Battlefield".

Now let's take into consideration that my suspect Henniing Lagies is of "German", ancestry and he grew up in Germany in the city of "Kiel" in "North Germany", during WWII under Hitler's power. I have previously noted that Zodiac referenced a language associated with a "North Germanic", language, that being Old Norse

This clue could point to Zodiac being of North German ancestry and having witnessed "Corpses on the battlefield".  Henning Lagies is indeed of North German ancestry and has witnessed corpses on the battlefield.  In fact Henning told me that they used to "Kick around skulls for fun", shows how he may have developed and insensetivity and perhaps even a fascination with death.  The fact that he grew up under Hitler's power could also point to him not only being fascinated with death, but torture of his victims as well which comes into play regarding the murder stories my child told me.

Let's also take into consideration that the Runic alphabet is a "Germanic", alphabet that was used before the "Latin", alphabet was formed.

Now let's look at the two symbols from the Runic alphabet that appear on the Halloween card envelope:

AnsuzAnsuz: (A: The As, ancestral god, i.e. Odin.)  Pronouned Awn-sooze.

LaguzLaguz: (L: Water, or a leek.) Pronounced Law-gooze (G as in God).
If we take into consideration Zodiac's play on words we can see the name "Lagies", pronounced Law-geeze (G as in God), clear as day.

 If we also take into consideration my personal relationship with Henning that allows me to quote that he often referenced Greek and Latin in his speaking (previously noted on my blog), we could hypothesize the following out of the symbol based on the discovery of geographical location in BC that may be clues:

"Lagies God of Zodiac Mountain"

This is based on Greek Mythology where the God's were God of various things, such as "Hercules, God of Mt. Olympus".

If we look again at the symbol that Zodiac drew on the Halloween card envelope we can see that it looks like "Mountain Peaks".  If we take into consideration Zodiac's play on words and take the phrase "This is the Zodiac Speaking", we can derive the phrase "Zodiac's Peak" (as pointed out by "G" in his anonymous comments on my blog, and also shown in the work of MK-Zodiac).

The drawing by Zodiac Below appears to show mountain peaks with a "Z" below it which may reference "Zodiac Mountain, BC".  The apparent Runic alphabet that when included in the context of all the clues, can be interepreted "God" and "Laguz", may actually represent "Lagies, God of Zodiac Mountain".

We also see reference to "God", on the stamp that Zodiac chose to put on the envelope:

So what do the 4 dots on Zodiac's drawing represent?  My theory is "The Little Dipper".  The Little Dipper contains "Polaris", also known as the "North Star".  We can see that the star locations for the "Cup", like portion on both the Big Dipper and the Little Dipper look very similar to the dots that Zodiac included in his clue.  We could also take into account the two apparent letters from teh Runic alphabet that is in the drawing, also representing the handles of the Little Dipper and the Big Dipper which can be seen together in the Northern sky.




Polaris (α UMi, α Ursae Minoris, Alpha Ursae Minoris, commonly North(ern) Star or Pole Star, also Lodestar) is the brightest star in the constellation Ursa Minor. It is very close to the north celestial pole, making it the current northern pole star.

The Plough, also known as the Big Dipper or the Saptarishi (after the seven rishis), is an asterism of seven stars that has been recognized as a distinct grouping in many cultures from time immemorial. The component stars are the seven brightest of the formal constellation Ursa Major.
The Plough is significant because the North Star (Polaris), the current northern pole star on Earth, can be found using it. Polaris is part of the "Little Dipper", Ursa Minor.

As per the references above "Polaris", is very close to the "North Pole" which is the "Celestial Pole", which is "Magnetic North".

The north and south celestial poles are the two imaginary points in the sky where the Earth's axis of rotation, indefinitely extended, intersects the imaginary rotating sphere of stars called the celestial sphere. The north and south celestial poles appear directly overhead to an observer at the Earth's North Pole and South Pole respectively.


Another interesting thing we can do with the clue on the envelope in regards to the letters "lav", that are underlined is to do a little play to create the name "Lagies".  Let's take into account that on the back of the Halloween card Zodiac has written clues in all capitals with the exception of the letter "i".  Zodiac is drawing attention to this letter.  My theory works two ways.  One is to insert the "i" into the letter sequence of "laver", from the envelope which will be used to create the word "Lagies".  The other shows that Zodiac is a narcicist by repeatedly pointing to himself, as in "I".

Play on "laver", to create the name "Lagies".  Turn the "V" on it's side and add a tail to create "G", insert the "i", Zodiac points out on the back of the card, and add a tail onto the "r" to create "S".

This may not have any relevance, but I just found it interesting how easy it was to find the word "Lagies" with just a little bit of play on the letters on the envelope....

OK, now that we may have the drawing on the envelope figured out, let's go back to card and finish the interpretations there.  As referenced by "G", he left comments on my blog referring to this card as "SCARI-BOO", card.  This would fit well considering it is Halloween which is scary, and the fact that this card is sent by a killer is also scary.  Inside the card it says "BOO!" , so now we have SCARI-BOO!...... "Cariboo".  As "G" has pointed out if you take the exclamation mark and turn it upside down it resembles "1".... read as "100", or even "100" + "8" to read "108"..... the "B" in BOO if you add the same circles to the other side of the B it looks like and 8 (B 8).



 Mile Ranch


 Mile House

Now let's remember that Henning co-owned a home with a 100 Mile House address, but was technically in 108 Mile Ranch which was secondary to his primary address in the Vancouver, BC area.  The location of that home was beside the "Cariboo Hwy", and 108 Mile Lake was apparently walking distance from his backyard. 

Now let's take the apparent "Z" beside the drawing inside the card and rotate to read "N", for "North".  The "Dot" above and to the East of "N" is "Magnetic North", which points somewhere in the area between Zodiac Mountain, 108 Mile Ranch, and Mt. Diablo, BC.


Magnetic North is  degrees East of True North

Now let's look at the back of the Halloween Card and we can form the initials H.L. for Henning Lagies by removing words in the appropriate locations as follows:



So what is the meaning of the words all together?

By Fire, By Knife, By Gun, By Rope may reference Norse Mythology regarding Human Sacrifice:


Human sacrifice

Sketch of the executioner during a pagan Norse sacrifice by Carl Larsson, for Midvinterblot.

Thralls (slaves), could be sacrificed during a funeral so that they could serve their master in the next world.[2] In Ibn Fadlan's account above, there is a description of a slave girl who was to be sacrificed and who had to undergo several sexual rites.[8] When the chieftain had been put in the ship, she went from tent to tent where she visited warriors and traders.[8] Every man told her that they did what they did for their love to the dead chieftain.[8] Lastly, she entered a tent that had been raised on the ship, and in it six men had intercourse with her before she was strangled and stabbed.[8] The sexual rites with the slave girl show that she was considered to be a vessel for the transmission of life force to the deceased chieftain.[14]

It was common to burn the corpse and the grave offerings on a pyre, in which the temperature reached 1400 degrees Celsius—much higher than modern crematorium furnaces attain. All that would remain was some incinerated fragments of metal and some animal and human bones. The pyre was constructed so that the pillar of smoke would be as massive as possible in order to elevate the deceased to the afterlife.[17] The symbolism is described in the Ynglinga saga:[18]
"Thus he (Odin) established by law that all dead men should be burned, and their belongings laid with them upon the pile, and the ashes be cast into the sea or buried in the earth. Thus, said he, every one will come to Valhalla with the riches he had with him upon the pile; and he would also enjoy whatever he himself had buried in the earth. For men of consequence a mound should be raised to their memory, and for all other warriors who had been distinguished for manhood a standing stone; which custom remained long after Odin's time."
Another possible relation to the Halloween Card    or 1400 as referenced above.

According to the above we would account for fire, knife and rope..... Gun would be included in the methods that Zodiac used to kill his victims and "Collecting of slaves for the afterlife".

PARADiCE = Paradise =
Valhalla : The Norse mythology equivalent of paradise.
Valhalla = Vallahalla = Mt. Diablo, BC in Vallahalla Provincial Park Canada

SLAVES = Human Sacrifice to Serve their Master in the Afterlife

Now of course I realize that this may all be coincidental, but it would certainly appear to be compelling when you take into account the circumstantial evidence here on my blog and you reference the work of MK-Zodiac, the tips left by "G" on my blog, and communication on message board between members that support some of this theory.  It would seem to at least offer a logical theory as to how to interpret the clues that Zodiac left that are referenced here in this post.


  1. I would like to make some more observations about the SCAR-EYE-BOO(M)/Halloween/Cinderella card(s).

    It's pretty hard to overlook the eyes. There are a lot and they command attention. They also look like they contain the letter C. To me it suggests an implied message: "Be sure to see/C to all the eyes/I's". And so, I focused my attention on anything that looked like an eye, the letter iI, an exclamation mark (which is an upside-down letter i), and the C's within the eyes.

  2. Yes I still have more to examine on the card.... there is a lot going on there. I have noted the eyes and how they are all looking "East", which is towards "Magnetic North".

    Good point about containing the letter C..... I also note how Zodiac has brough attention to the "i's", on the back of the card in his criss-cross writing... there is definitely more going on here.

  3. Besides noticing the 100 hidden in the upside down BOO!, I also noticed a mask on the face of the skeleton. At least that is what it looks like to me. You can see it better on the image from the zodiac killer facts site

  4. At the anonymous user's request parts of this conversation have been deleted.

  5. Thanks for cleaning that up, Melody. Just for the record, my allusion to "Cinderella" appears to have been based on my misread of an image displayed on another website, so your readers can disregard that reference, if they had wondered about it.


  6. The fact that the rune/mountain symbol on the envelope was placed in the return address seems to strongly suggest it contains 2 pieces of information: the sender's name and address.

    As you have already stated above, the "address" seems to be Zodiac Mountain. Can we take it then that the rune symbolism actually must include the name?

  7. On the Halloween card, if you turn it sideways it looks like an N is placed over the symbol of the circle with the cross through it that has become the Zodiac Killer's trademark. The mountain/rune symbol is therefore relavily north of Mt Diablo (both of them, by this theory

  8. I find it interesting that if you turn the card back again to it's original orientation, so that the mountains on the mountain/rune symbol are in their normal orientation, the letter that was an N is now a Z, meaning Zodiac and it is not under the mountain/rune symbol as it was on the envelope, but is conceptually south of the mountain. It's as if we are now looking at the Cariboo Mountains, just a bit North of the Zodiac Mountain area. To me it's a surprising bit of prestidigitation, if that is what Z intended.


  9. Car-I-BOO Mountains

    He kept talking about his bomb, but never delivered.

    You don't suppose he was making a really bad pun, do you. :D

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Just wanted to clarify comments per post....

    As for the name being revealed in the symbol located on the envelope in the return adress spot, YES good point about this location being the return adress spot.... as you will see in my blog post above we not only account for Zodiac Mountain in the Cariboo region, BUT his name as well with the Runic alphabet which could mean "Lagies, God of Zodiac Mountain". See my post for more details.

  12. Pardpm my typing errors here and there... I do know how to spell LOL!

    Anyway re Cari-Boo Mountains comment: Excellent Work! That may very well be indeed some symbolism or a Pun! Well put!

  13. As strange as it may seem, it seems to be supported by the "PEEK-A-BOO(M)" notation where he visually seems to append the M from "doomed" to the pee-a-boo. If peek=peak=mountain, as we suggested before, then he seems to be repeating the theme of the Car-I-BOO Mountains.

    (Note that there is also a Bugaboo Mountain in BC, but I have not examined it)

  14. I am a journalism student at Thompson Rivers University, I am very interested the evidence you have shown on this website, is it possible that I could get in contact with you to discuss this matter further? I would love to do a story on it, and possibly help in your search.

  15. Yes! Please email me at

  16. Hold on to your socks!!!!!!!!

    The Lake Tahoe card.

    1) Peek through the pines.

    The Pines is a poem by Robert W. Service. I think it was written while he lived in southern BC, probably while he lived in Kamloops, BC.

  17. 2) "around in the snow" is a line from Trail of 98 by Robert W. Service. Chapter X.
    3) The Incline Village is in the Tahoe Back Country area---also known as Tahoe BC

  18. Ask your new friend if she thinks she has a good story now.


  19. BTW, Canadian school kids all learned about Robert W Service back in the day. For the rest of you:

  20. Also, just a guess, but the other message in the Tahoe card might be "ashes atop lake area" as well as " around in the snow". A sad message, if correct.


  21. I have been looking into this.... a lot to read about Robert. W. Service..... Very intersting indeed! I had not heard about this Lake Tahoe card before....

  22. The Tahoe card also brings us back to the stroke of12.


  23. The phrase "around in the snow" comes from "The Trail of 98", Chapter X. Well that's only part of the story. It's actually Book IV, Chapter X.

    It seems significant that the title of Book IV is "The Vortex". It's actually a cheesy romance with some action. (SPOILER ALERT!) The "vortex" refers to a huge all engulfing fire at the climax of the story.

    I suspect the book holds many secrets.


  24. Aaahhh! Much more investigating to do! Thanks G!

  25. Book IV Chapter X --


    And the X from the envelope of the Halloween Card.

  26. It seems the pace is quickening...


  27. I wonder what we'll find out nexxt...

  28. A summary of my findings:

    I have reviewed my theory about the Zodiac Killer. Based on my interpretation of the clues he left in cards and letters, I see evidence that he had a connection to BC. These clues should be reviewed by others for validation. The extent of my theory is that. It does not imply anything else.

    I should point out that my theory differs from some of the ideas discussed here, particularly after having gone over points. If I publish, I will not make any suggestion that anybody living or dead is the Zodiac Killer.

  29. As far as whether there is any connection between the person you have wondered about, and the Zodiac Killer, I cannot say. I only know what you say. I guess that is a matter of your continuing struggle to see if there is physical evidence.

    I support any search for truth, insofar as it is based on hard evidence. I understand that that is the objective of your campaign.

    My recommendation is to only focus on determine the strength of any evidence you have--you have said you have more that you have not made public--and on finding further evidence if you think it is feasible and concentrate on just the provable facts, and discard any theory about the Zodiac Killer, however tempting it may seem.

  30. PLEASE NOTE: The theories stated above were produced by Melody Wall based on combined therories of others to create the theory I have stated above.

    In no way does this entire post relate to the interpretations of the others states here who I referenced their anonymous tips from or previous work from to formulate this theorty.

    Of course this is just theory and it isn't something I would have come up with on my own. I merely state the others to credit them for the own work and not to act like I thought of all of this on my own.

    It is an interesting hypothesis, and perhaps just that.... I do however note that the references for the various work stated be traced to find out the original author's interprations are and also note how I combined this work together to formulate my own hypothesis based on the review of other people's work.

  31. In the end, I don't think it will help. It will just add to the confusion.

    Best of luck in your struggle to establish the truth.


  32. Note:when I said "I don't think it will help", I was referring to my own previous comment, not Melody's comment. That is, I don't think the Zodiac Killer theme helps to establish any case she wishes to make. Thus, it would be better to set it aside.


  33. "G", you do not add to the confusion. I was responding above rather generically because I was not sure who it was referencing their work... I suspected it may have been you, but not certain.

    Anyway if you look at my campaign, I do refernce the Zodiac a little bit, but I also say that due to the subjectivety of whether this guy is Z or not, I have not included campaign goals reagarding investigations thereof.

    For me the ultimate goal has been regarding what happened to my child and our missing women... the details that I have that point this man to at minimum being very dangerous, when the RCMP seem to think is a a baby lamb....

    The Zodiac therories are interesting and speculative, but at the same time me publishing these interesting coincidences and such have helped to bring world wide attention to our missing women and the injustsices that the have suffered at the hands of our own polce forces... just as did my daughter and I....

    I believe I have answers to BC's missing women if the RCMP would ever act upon the multitude of details that I have...

    YOU have been great G and I apprecitate your wisdom and support.....