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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Now YOU Can Contribute to Solving the Mystery of the BC Serial Killer and Possibly Zodiac Himself

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The Missing Women Inquiry began on October 11, 2011 to try and find answers as to why the VPD and the RCMP failed to work together and find an answer to why over 65 Vancouver women, and 18 women from the Highway of Tears have disappeared in British Columbia over the past 40 years.  Unoficially there are more than 100 women missing in BC, but for some reason the police have failed to include all of these missing women on the official list of missing women from the Highway of Tears.

Questions that need to be answered include determing why so many women have disappeared over 4 decades without the police acknowledging this was happening, why the police failed to do anything with evidence and public tips that pointed Robert Picton as being one of the serial killers responsible for Vancouver missing women, and why the Vancouver Police and the RCMP have allowed conflict and ego stand in their way to work as a team to find answers and prevent more women from being murdered.

Both my child and I have suffered the ill effects of being dismisssed by the RCMP, mocked and made a joke of when reporting a violent crime against my child, and numerous details that point this man to being one of the serial killers responsible for these missing and murdered women over the past 40 years.  What is more horrifying than the justice my child was denied is the fact that the RCMP's dismissal of the many valid details and possible physical evidence that may contain DNA of the suspect, victims or both, have lead to countless more women to be tortured and murdered over the past 12.5 years since I originally tried to bring this to the attention of the RCMP.

For years after my child disclosed her abuse in April of 1999, and eventually her revelations of extremely gruesome murder scenes and witnessing acts of cannibalism, I was unable to function and to continue my fight for justice.  In January of 2010 I had rebuilt my life and resumed my fight which lead me to accidentally stumbling across details that point this man to not only being the BC serial killer, but also the Zodiac Killer, simply killing equal distances on both sides of the border and in areas where he had family.  It is a lot to explain and there are supporting details on my blog and MANY more details that will be revealed in my book.  It is far too much to explain in this format.

Regardless of how hard I have pushed to get the RCMP to take me seriously, I have been continually dismissed despite the fact that I have hospital reports that support my child's abuse and her revelations of murder and cannibalsm, themes of dismemberment in her play therapy, etc. I have a lot of information to share and I will NEVER give up my fight for justice.  I will fight with every fibre of my being to get my story out the world and to hold the RCMP accountable for their negligence.  It is my hope that my journey will one day bring answers, and some kind of peace and justice to so many families of missing and murdered women in British Columbia, and in turn that may also help to solve the identity of the Zodiac Killer himself.

I launched my campaign at where anyone can send in a donation to help me finance this project.  I have been contributing my own money for the book project and the forensics, but it is just impossible for me to do it all by myself.  I ask you to please help support this cause and send in your pledge once I have set up my project.  I will require $3000 to complete the book, and $10,000 + to complete the forensics so that I will have documentation of DNA profiling, etc and be able to prevent the RCMP from covering up this evidence.  I cannot say what all will completed by the private investigator as this must remain confidential to be sucessful.

Together we can and will make a difference...

Vancouver Missing Women

Highway of Tears


Stabbed and Handcuffed Victim Escapes Robert Picton Pig Farm, and Shares Same Emergency Room as Picton..... Coquitlam RCMP Dismiss her Allegations Because she Was a Drug Addicted Prostitute.  Just ONE of the Dispicable Acts of Negligence by the RCMP.

Missing Women Inquiry Starts with 14 Lawyers Representing the Police and Only 1 Lawyer Representing Families of Victims.... Critics Call the Inquiry a Sham and a Travesty of Justice.

The Zodiac Killer Previous Suspects Eliminated or Unproven.  BC Killer Emerges as New Zodiac Suspect. Zodiac's reign of terror comes to an end as Killings North of the US border begin. 

BC man matches composites of Zodiac, both young and aged progressed versions when hair is parted to the side and beard added.  Glasses were likely only part of his disguise.  Handwriting also appears to match BC Suspect, and eye witness account of car associated with Zodiac may match the composite of Highway of Tears Killer in the early 70's.  Comparison of Composites to BC Suspect, Handwriting and Much More Found on this blog.

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Is This the Zodiac Killer?  You Can Help Find Out by Contributing to my Project, Read my Book and Judge for Yourself.  Perhaps this Will Open the Eyes of the Authorities and Handwriting, DNA, and Fingerprints can be Compared to Determine if This Man is the Zodiac Killer.

More Comparisons on This Blog....


  1. after seeing his picture i thought about some local news from around kamloops. there has been a few attempted kidnappings this year, not sure if you have read about it or not. The thing that stood out was that it is said the man has a "santa" type beard. maybe you can make some sort of a connection there. do you know if this man is still in the area or even alive?


  3. Yes I did see the composite and heard about this attempted abduction. I sent a picture of Henning to the Kamloops RCMP in the Summer, but who knows if they took it seriously because it seems like I am just blacklisted as beeing a kook or something with those guys.

    As far as I am concerned it is just another screw up by the RCMP and they don't care to admit they are wrong...

  4. i agree, it is very obvious we have multiple serial killers here in bc and nothing seems to be happening regarding this. i have been thinking about this since last night and have gone over a few articles(some others by you also) i stumbled across the site where you talk about his initials and writing. On wiki it says that in 1966 they found a poem with initials that looked to be rh. maybe he had another name that he went by in the US. do you know if that it is birth name? even if not the zodiac there is a need to look into further info on this sick man.

  5. Well Melody ,You have done quite a job with the research you have done .. Is Henning this mans last name ,I was reading the letters that were sent to you from Henning and in it he refers to his brother ROLAND which could be the RH that the previous anonymous's comment on oct 28 were he/she had said( i stumbled across the site where you talk about his initials and writing. On wiki it says that in 1966 they found a poem with initials that looked to be rh. maybe he had another name that he went by in the US. do you know if that it is birth name? ) Maybe this is another connection !!

  6. Henning Lagies is his first and last name. As far as I know this is his real name.

    As for the name "Roland", that name does not refer to his brother that he speaks of in the letter. His brother he speaks of having the education in psychology, if that is even true... is "Tortsen", also immigrated from Germany.

    Remember this man's homeland is Germany and so the name Roland would not fit.... "Roland", refers to a man I dated and separated from for years before going out on only a couple dates again, and then never going any further with it...

    Henning was pretty angry with me over seeing Roland again. He said it was because Roland didn't treat me right, but the letter he wrote seems to refer to his feelings as being more jealous, although I looked at Henning as a "Father Figure", and like a grandfather to my child.

    As for the initials RH, if these are indeed the initials from 1966 and IF, Henning is the Zodiac Killer I would suspect that those initials refer to:

    Reinhard Tristan Eugen Heydrich (7 March 1904 – 4 June 1942), also known as The Hangman,[2] was a high-ranking German Nazi official.


    There is much more than I have posted on my blog, but it would seem that there is a lot of information that MAY point the Zodiac as being of German heritage, paticularly referencing the Nazi's during the WWII era when Henning was a boy under Hitler's regime.

    Again this may only be coincidental, but there are just a lot of very strange and compelling things that I have discovered that could point in that direction...