Friday, October 14, 2011

A Mother's Fight for Justice in Honour of the Missing Women in British Columbia

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Below is documentation of my communications with the PI which confirms the funds required for forensics:

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  1. I'm not sure what exactly you are being quoted for due to the redaction, but as a professional investigator I can tell you that these rates seem outrageous. I can't think of anything that I, or my colleagues, would charge $2000 a day for except maybe aerial surveillance.

    The unfortunate truth is that when it comes to DNA testing and forensics most investigators are middlemen. You could save a lot of money by going straight to the resource yourself for the DNA tests.

    Here just one example of an affordable company:

    Voice stress analyzers are very affordable and widely available as stand alone units, software and even freeware. While it is always preferable to have a trained investigator, you may be able to start with these free and low cost options until you can afford something else.

    Investigators are good for creating reports, documentation, surveillance, interview/interrogation and intelligence collection. Even then, I now a lot of out of work military intelligence, military recon, military police and law school grads that could do just as good a job for a fraction of what most investigators charge. Other than these limited things you can do most of an investigator's job on your own and save a lot of money.

  2. Thank you very much for all your advice and that link. I have tried contacting private labs in past, but when I tell them why I need the testing they all refuse to handle it saying I should hand over this stuff to the police. I do want to give what I have to the police, but not without documenting it first as I have been treated so badly by the police I do not trust that they will even test this stuff and likely just throw it in the garbage. I need to have it all documented and then get some kind of advocate to attend the police station with me when I am ready to push for answers.... I have a lot of things I have been working on getting in order, but unfortunately the cost of getting the more "Forensic", type things in order has not been something I have been able to afford.

    Intersting advice on the voice stress you gave me. This PI wanted $2500 to give me the results for voice stress analysis. He interviewed me in September 2010 along with Mr. Bates who was consulting with the VPD over the missing women, and unbeknowst to me had me set up on voice stress as well as video taping (which of course I knew), and he spent 5 hours of his own time with me. It would seem he must have known I was telling the truth or he wouldn't of wasted 5 hours talking to me. Anyway it has been disappointing that he requires so much money to help me. I have spoken to a number of PI's about the case and they all go to him for outsourcing and tell me that my case is very complex and expensive....

    As for the $2000 charge, I have sourced this service elsewhere and have been quoted almost as much. If you can email me at I can discuss with you what that service is. I just prefer not to discuss those details in an open forum.

    Also perhaps you can privately discuss with me my options for these other resources you speak of such as the military, and police grads, etc that would be much appreciated.

    Thank you very much for all your assistance and I hope to hear from you via email to discuss more.

  3. Interesting. Glad to see that you're pricing your options :-)

    There's no need to tell a private lab why you need something tested. There's no disclosure law that requires transparency, or even honesty with a private laboratory.

    In the USA private labs are contacted by lawyers working civil wrongful death cases for tests of bloodstains, poisons and the things of that nature all of the time. It may be a good idea to look outside of Canada for these services. Since the USA has higher rates of legal battles and murder these services have become fairly competitive.