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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Answer to Viewer Question "Why not Go to the Police?"

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Response to Comment Left by Anonymous at "BC Serial Killer Suspect Matches Zodiac Composite ...":  at 9:23 PDT.  My Reply was too long to post in the comment section:

If you have reviewed everything on my blog you will have noted that the RCMP don't listen.  This story is not just about the monster this man is, but the injustice that my child and many other families of missing/murdered loved ones here have suffered because the RCMP have repeatedly shown that they don't care.

As in the Picton case, two people tried to tell the RCMP for three years about Picton, but they were ignored.  Even the stabbled, bleeding woman in the same ER as Picton who was also bleeding from the altercation, was not believed because she was a drug addict.

Henning is a extremely intelligent and cunning man.  It is really too much to try and explain now, and bit by bit I try to share my story, but it really cannot all be said on a blog and there is too much to tell, but he did a very good job at making the police believe that I am just crazy and he is this poor, innocent old man being set up.

I gave the RCMP over 30 contacts of people in the community and professionals such as the teachers, principal, daycare workers, and social workers who had noted my child's sexualized behaviours, and other odd behaviours such as standing in her chair in class staring and not knowing shere she was... I included on that list TWO women who had been assaulted by Henning, but were too afraid to press charges, and the RCMP never contacted them either.

The RCMP also failed to contact the Vancouver Police Department who started working with my child regarding the Vancouver Missing women, and had hired a play therapist to work with my child who confirmed that my child drew the pictures of the skinned female genitalia, that she had been severely traumatized and displayed themes of extreme violence and dismemberments in her play, but AGAIN THE RCMP NEVER BOTHRED TO CONTACT THE VPD OR GET THOSE THERAPY REPORTS!

In 2007 I approached the RCMP again and said I had TWO hospital reports and the reports from the Play Therapist hired by the VPD and could they do anything, and they said "NO."
In January of 2010 I approached Neal Hall of the Vancouver Sun who initially was interested in my story and said he would forward my details to the head of E-PANA in charge of the Highway of Tears Investigation, but nobody called.  Finally the RCMP called me in about Septemeber of 2010 after I sent an email through the Highway of Tears Website, and their response was "We are looking at some really bad men.  Henning does not fit the profile."  Well I guess somebody who bind, anally rapes, and tortures a child by sticking pins in them and duct taping their eyes open to poke their eyelid with a pin, or putting a live spider on their face.... is not BAD ENOUGH FOR THEM!  Obviously despite my many hospital and therapy reports they still don't believe what he did to my child who has been scarred for life.

Well let me assure the public that the RCMP are not the heroes that we all expect them to be.  I am sure this is the case with many law enforcement agencies all over the world... the public expects them to perform miracles and solve all the crimes and listen to all the tips when they are either overworked and too overwhelmed to deal with everything on a limited budget, OR they simply don't believe, and therefore don't bother to care.

ONE Constable played God over my child's life, and it was he alone who wrote what ever he did in his report that perpetuates all these years later, and continues to leave doors shut in my face.  Sometimes I even wondered if that cop took a bribe because I couldn't understand how he could be so blatently negligent in investigating the crimes commited against my child.

Crown Counsel even had to ask him to go back and get medical reports because he failed to do that too.  This cop refused to return my calls, and scolded me for going above his head.  He treated my eight year old child like a piece of shit, and shamed her for crying for her mother when he wouldn't allow me to sit in the interview with her.

There is much more to this story, and all I can say, is that it is public knowledge here in BC that the RCMP have been negligent in their investigations of the missing women all over the province of BC, that they continue to turn their backs, and I am not the only one crying for justice.

Frankly I don't trust handing the possible evidence I may have over to the RCMP, becuase if I did, I assure you it would conveniently disappear.  I will be hiring someone to complete the forensics myself and document everything so the RCMP cannot YET AGAIN, deny, and sweep things under the carpet.
The items I have are already contaminated and useless in court, as I have been hanging onto them for 12 years at least, and there is no way they would be admissable in court.  Me having them tested is to prove that my story is true and that Henning is indeed a viable suspect.

Me posting on this blog and sharing my story is to bring public awareness and gain support to hold the RCMP accountable for their actions and to investigate this man.  I have tried for 12 years to do it alone and I have not succeeded.  With the support of the public, perhaps, one day the RCMP will be forced to listen.

What gets me, is out of the very detailed emails that I have sent to the RCMP, much more than described here about very scary things about this man, they have never even bothered to take a few hours out of just ONE day, to actually interview me, give me a polygraph to prove I am not lying... review the hospital reports supporting my child's abuse, and perhaps give me an independant psychological exam to prove I am not crazy either.  I already have the support of my doctor of 24 years that I am not mentally ill.

In all honestly I really don't think the RCMP want to know that they are wrong and yet again dismissed a public tip that caused dozens, maybe even into the hundereds of more women to be murdered due to their negligence.  The RCMP have been in media repeatedly not only for their negligence with the missing women's investigations, but a multitude of other matters that have left them embarassed, and ignoring my tips at the same time they ignored the tips in the Picton case, I doubt is something they want to admit.

Trust me, my goal is to find justice.... I just need to bring public awareness to this case in order to gain the support and momentum needed to FINALLY make the RCMP listen.

Thank you for your comment.  I hope you can understand where I am coming from.


  1. Melody, do you have an email you are comfortable with sharing? I am researching this case as well and I think what I am researching, provides some back information to what you are looking in to. I really want to share information, but I'm afraid to do it in the open.

  2. Yes, please email me at

    Thanks for your interest and assistance; I look forward to hearing from you.

  3. Have you investigated the house that you think he kept victims at? I would imagine that would yield a good amount of evidence.

  4. I would imagine that he had victims at his house in 100 Mile House as well as his apartment where he resides in Port Coquitlam, BC. Unfortunately I have no way of investigating either location as I have no funding for a PI or ability to access either locations. It would be very interesting indeed to do a search of both locations.... particularly underneath his bathroom floor where he dug out that compartment. Even if he filled that space back in I am sure if the police actually dug this up it would yield evidence.

    Just recently I was doing some snooping around on the internet re the Missing Women Inquiry and found an article about a step mom who years back had scaled the fence going into Robert Pickton's property and said that she had heard rumours of a swirling river and bodies being put into a woodchipper. This has lead me to believe that perhaps Henning, who lives less than 3 miles from that Pig Farm was indeed an accomplice and took my daughter there, as the undedited versio of that audio my child describes a murder by a river, and she also drew a picture 12 years ago of a woodchipper which she claims Henning put body parts into. She also describes built in cages which could be the pig cages.... it seems that she describes coming right back to his place to dispose of the victim's hair, thus leading me to believe this could have been local.

    My daughter's friend also told me 2 years ago that my daughter told her that she has seen murders and that she has been to the pig farm. I don't know if that is true or not, as my daughter gets very upset if I try to discuss this with her, but I believe this may be a possibility.

  5. Another possibility is "Ritualistic Child Abuse", as described in a German documentary that I just came accross yesterday on Youtube. I watched and then asked out loud to myself, rather sarcastically "Where have I heard this before?"

    A viewer at least a year ago on a post I made on the Unsolved Canada message board told me about a book that was written about pedophiles who drug their victims and psychologically torture them to make them think really scary things like this. According to this documentary I speak of, children are kept in a constant state of fear to keep them from telling, and accoriding to the reference this other person made a year ago, this is done to make the victim look crazy if they ever tell...

    Regardless of whether my child really witnessed these acts or not, the fact that this man made her believe she saw this should speak volumes of how evil he really is. I just don't get why the RCMP are so resistant and naive about such activity when clearly they cannot answer for who has been killing women in BC for the past 40 years, multitudes more than ever found on the Pickton Farm.... DUHHHH!!!

  6. Ritualistic Child Abuse:

    Very similar to what my own child suffered....

    Except I have details on audio and in memory much more horrific than portrayed on this video.