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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Blue GMC Rally Van OR Similar Model Likely Related to BC Missing/Murdered Women


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ONE of the last vehicles that I knew Henning to drive he bought from my neighbour on Dogwood Street just down from Como Lake Road in Coquitlam. It was a blue van, perhaps a GMC Rally Van, and is shown in the satellite images below. Henning bought this van in about 1997, maybe 1996... I have to review some notes...

One thing I realize in hind sight, is why did he buy this van from my neighbour when he complained so much about how much it cost? I mean Henning was pretty upset about that and I think the guy wanted $10,000 for it at the time, according to what Henning said... so why pay that if you aren't happy? Perhaps because in some weird way this gave Henning some kind of excitement to buy a van from my NEXT DOOR neighbour that he would use at times to troll, abduct, and kill women in.

He once called me from 108 Mile Ranch while on a two week excursion out of town, coincidentally 4 Vancouver Eastside Women went missing during that time and I don't think they were accounted for on the Picton Farm, but have to review... Henning had not much to say, just said he was checking how I was doing. Now I realize he was somehow linking his victim(s) to me... I think sometimes he was enraged with me, and other times he was deeply connected to me... either way I believe that somehow he wanted to brag, or enact, or what may you, I don't know, but experience whatever his emotions were, somehow connected to me and sometimes even other women he knew.

The car shown below I believe may well be his too as he always had those two parking spots the years I knew him living there, and that is where he parked the white Subaru with the blue pin stripe. I portray these vehicles in case they are recongized in relation to BC missing women.

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