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Friday, April 15, 2011

A Letter to the RCMP & the VPD

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Twelve years ago my daughter FINALLY told me she was being abused.  From the age of 2 she had been acting out sexually.  The first time I put her in daycare I came home and the babysitter said to me "Jennifer took all her clothes off and was sitting on top of Tyler."  This would be the beginning of many sexualized behaviours that evolved over a period of time.

I kept asking her if anyone had ever touched her, a man, a woman, a child.... her dad, Henning.... she always told me "No".  I was molested myself as a child and so I did not know how to distinguish between normal childhood curiosity and an abused child.  For that I suffer and will live with the guilt forever!

Over the years other friends, babysitters, daycare centres, and teachers kept trying to tell me that something was wrong with my child, that her behaviours were sexual and inappropriate.  Not only that, but she had other disturbing behaviours in school, like standing in her chair spacing out and not knowing where she was.  I gave the Cst. Dave Strachan, of the Coquitlam RCMP over 30 contacts of people who had noted my child's sexual behaviour over the YEARS, a babysitter who noted my child frequently talked about putting a penis in her mouth,  a daycare centre who noted my child's sexual behaviour, a principal who noted my child's overt sexual behaviour and knowledge beyond her years, as well as two women who had been assaulted by Henning, and HE NEVER CONTACTED ANY OF THEM!  Not only that, but I told Cst. Dave Strachan that the VPD had become involved regarding the Vancouver missing women and that the VPD had hired a play therapist to work with my child, and he said he would contact the VPD and get reports from the therapist, but I never knew until much after the RCMP closed the file on my child, that he NEVER CONTACTED THE VPD OR THERAPIST EITHER!!! Yet another example of the RCMP failing to communicate with the VPD over all these murders!!!

I don't know what Henning said about me, but I found out after the fact that he was telling everyone that I was a coke addict, crazy, a dangerous woman, off my meds, etc... Well I assure you that I could not have been working full-time on a Government project, over-time, going to school 2 nights per week, and doing 20 hours of homework per week if I were any of the things he accused me of.  And whatever he paid Judy Gardner to say about me, I am not sure, but I know that she was playing me at the same time getting me to give her money for her rent and such, and then hooking up with Henning and getting money from him obviously to stab me in the back.  I still have a "Thank you", letter she wrote me thanking me for all I had done for her, and can prove she is a liar who was only bribed.

Growing up with depression because you have had no love, been phsically and sexually abused, bouncing around grouphomes and foster homes, DOES NOT MAKE ME CRAZY!!!  Yes I was damaged, and I had depression, and I had a really tough time sometimes.  I didn't have anyone to help me other than Henning and I was easy prey and so was my child.  I am sure he has audio tape that he has manipulated, because I used to talk to him on the phone sometimes for the longest time and he wouldn't say anything back.  I am absolutely positve he has recorded me and manipulated conversation somehow to make me into a real whack job. But nobody ever presented me with his accusations against me and allowed me to defend myself as he was given the opportunity to defend himself against my allegations!  You just take his word as gospel, dismiss both me and my child, and could care less about the audio I have of my child describing gruesome acts of murder and cannibalism!

I have been reviewing my notes recently and I noted that Henning and I had a big argument days before my child disclosed her abuse.  Do you really think that I told my child to say these things about Henning in order to seek revenge over an incident at Easter???  That is absurd.  Henning was the only person in the whole world who was ever there to "Care", for me, or help me with anything.  Why the hell would I do anything at all that would cause him to be removed from my life, after 16 YEARS, and be left completely alone if what my child and I told you was not the truth???  And why 12 years later, and for the past whole year straight, have I been relaying the same story over and over again, trying to make you understand that all the things I have quoted about what I personally know or have experienced, is REALLY TRUE???

I don't understand why you ask the public for help and yet when someone comes forward to tell you about a man who bound, anally raped and tortured their child, who has assaulted two other women, who's wife ran away with their son because he made bizarre sexual demands of her, who drives around in all these different vehicles, faked one of his vans being stolen and charged with mischief, drives one van with chains hanging from the ceiling, was always going out of town up Highway of Tears, had bodies circle his family home, had a secret compartment underneath his floor, was always giving me used women's clothing, wallets and watches, and has a child victim describing him eating meat that looks like skinned femaile genetalia, amongst tons of other information that I keep trying to tell you, YOU COMPLETELY DISMISS THEM WITHOUT SO MUCH AS GIVING ME A POLYGRAPH, DRUG TESTING, AND PSYCHOLOGICAL TESTING TO PROVE I AM NOT LYINIG AND I AM NOT CRAZY!!!

I have to go all over the internet and post this story because it is the only way I can try to get the word out, and maybe get the public to hold you accountable for YET AGAIN DISMISSING CRUCIAL DETAILS THAT COULD HELP SOLVE MURDERS!!!  Did we not learn from the Picton case?  The police apologize for not listening to the tipsters and other women continuing to die, and then you turn around and dismiss the next person who comes along with a story that is so bizarre that it couldn't possibly be made up!

I have two reports from Children's Hospital PROVING my child was sexually abused, and that her description of murder and cannibalism is very forthcoming, non manipulative, non deceptive, and not caused from mental illness.  Vision Quest also has reports (which are noted in the hospital reports), of my child's very disturbing theme in play, including depicting acts of dismemeberment, that my child has been severely traumatized, and psychitrists have diagnosed my child with PSD, dissociative disorder, and her behaviours are consistent with severe truama.  I can assure you, me having a messy house at times and poor parenting skills at times, because I had no parents growing up, does not make a child say to me the things she told me.

My daughter is 20 years old now and maintains her abuse. She told me that it really damaged her, the RCMP not believing her when she finally had the courage to tell.  Now she is a drug addict and a prostitute who lives a very dangerous lifestyle and could end up dead because of your negligence!  I am not crazy and I am not a liar.  My doctor of 24 years can attest to that.  Not only that, but I saw a counsellor for 7 YEARS at North Shore Mental Health to try and overcome this tragedy, who can attest to my pain, trauma, and the fact I am not nuts or making this up.  All you have to do is give me a polygraph and have an independant doctor assess me and you will see that there is a cannibal, serial killer right under your nose who has been laughing at you for years for being so gullable.

I will NEVER give up on my fight for justice and to help bring some answers and peace to those families of missing/murdered women, who suffer every day of their life.  I will continue to blast this story in every forum possible, all over the world, and I will hold the police accountable for their negligence once again.

This story is not about me saying without a doubt that Henning is Zodiac, it is about me saying without a doubt that he is a sadistic man who raped and tortured my child, and that child describing very gruesome acts of murder and cannibalsm.  Even if she never saw this for real, what kind of man would expose her to this kind of story, video or whatever it was for her to describe such events?  Is that not EVIL enough for you???  The fact that I post Zodiac details is because I discovered after the fact very strange coincidences that match with timelines of murders here in Canada that could show a killer from south of the Canada/US border, continuing to kill on the North side of the border the same time Zodiac went out of sight, and someone who at minimum "Admires", Zodiac and models himself after him.  There are much more details than I have posted here that show his handwriting appearing to match and numerous things over the years that relate to Zodiac in some form... He could just be copycat, or an admirer, but WHY???  Because he really is a killer!


  1. Have you ever tried to contact any of the families of the women who went missing along the highway of tears to see if they could identify any of the items you were given?

  2. I have tried to find contact information on the families, but I just have not succeeded in doing so. I imagine if that information were made public that they could get a lot of nuts contacting them, so I am just not sure how to do that.

    That is why I post the stuff publically and try to get the word out, but one person who lost his daughter in 2007 I think it was only came across my blog last year and was surprised that he had never heard about this story before. When sharing with new people, some still think I am, nuts, but trust me this story is true and at minimum I have more compelling details to share that point this man to being a viable suspect than anything else the police have ever released.

    It still seems, they just don't really care.....