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Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's About Justice & Peace for Families...

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Hi everyone it is Melody. I am updating details regarding the BC Serial Killer suspect, re the still missing/murdered Vancouver, Eastside Women, and victims from the Highway of Tears. I have been doing a lot of research in the past year, and continue my fight for justice and try to make the police aware that Henning is indeed a viable suspect who should be examined. I chose to share in this forum because this killer has taken many lives of many women, and it important to share these details.

Let me start by saying that I do not claim to have solved the mystery of Zodiac. I am merely pointing out some very strange coincidences that I found while researching murders in British Columbia, Canada, in particular the missing Vancouver, Eastside women and victims from the Highway of Tears.

It all began back in April of 1999 when I found out that this man whom I had met in my foster home at the age of 16, and who had become like a father to me and eventually like a grandfather to my baby that I had years later with an abusive man, was binding, anally raping, and torturing my child.

As time went by my child started telling me more and more details of torture, like being bound and stuck with pins, or having a live spider put on her and being made to eat one of the spiders legs.... after awhile she drew me pictures of meat she saw Henning eat and to my amazement it looked like skinned female genetalia. A week later she drew another picture with smaller genetalia, no dots where the pubic hair would be, some kind of mole or birth mark and bite marks, she then looked up at me and said very matter of factly "This one was younger".

Eventually stories of very gory murder scenes that my child claimed to be at, OR stories of murder that Henning told her of begain to emerge. The detail that she described things, describing very gruesome acts of rape, torture, live cannibalsm and murder, smells, textures, temperatures and colors.... it was all too much for me to believe that SOMETHING really bad must have happened to her. At the very least, psychological torture of a child victim who is enslaved for BDSM pedophiliac pleasures....

So now I am believing that a man who is capable of doing what he did to my child is surely capable of anything, and that the stories and pictures my child produced certainly do portray a very evil, and extremely violent man. This lead me to believe that he was responsible for many of the Vancouver missing/murdered women. Robert Picton would eventually be convicted for some of these murders, and 26 victims have been accounted for on the Picton Pig Farm, coincidentally 5 miles from where Henning lives.

Still there are in excess of 70 other women from the Highway of Tears and still missing Vancouver women who have not yet been accounted for. I didn't even know about Highway of Tears until last year while researching the missing Vancouver women, as the RCMP had been hush about a serial killer being on the loose. I was surprised to find that original victims surround a geographical radius around Henning's father's home, and Colleen McMillan was found practically in the backyard.

So what does this have to do with Zodiac? Well considering that I believe that this man is the BC Serial killer, at least one of the killers on the lose here in BC, my mind is open to the fact that he is likely a killer. Then in 2007 I was watching the movie "Zodiac", and when they showed a letter written by Zodiac I immediately said to my husband "That is just like how Henning writes!!!". It was really weird, and honestly I really didn't know much about Zodiac before watching that movie and recognizing the handwriting. It was something that we talked about as kids, like stories about the Titanic and such... so now I started researching and I came up with a lot of really weird coincidences which I continue to find, including him matching the Zodiac composite when you draw a beard on it and part the hair to the side. The computer image does not portray the detail of the actual photo and composite in hand...

Do I believe he is Zodiac? I really cannot say for certain, but I can say that over 20 years ago, he toyed with me with Zodiac phrasing and idealisms that I had no idea of at the time. I can say that murders in California, BC, and Calgary all took places in areas he had family. I can say that he often boasted about being a genius, that he is known to have used assumed names, that he has assualted 2 other women that I know of from my foster home, and that there are references to Zodiac possibly having German heritage, that the "My Name Is", cipher contains symbols consistant with possibly spelling out the name Henning Lagies, and a multitude of other weird things that could point to him being Zodiac, killing on both sides of the US/Canada border from Lake Herman, California, coincidentally to Herman Lake, British Columbia, an almost equal distance from the border.....

This is a story about my fight for justice for what happened to my little girl. It is a story that will hopefully lead police to discover that Henning is a killer here in BC and will help to bring peace to so many families of missing/murdered loved ones, yearning for answers. I understand this pain, and I truly want to bring some kind of peace, if I can, to so many lives left in turmoil. It is my duty to speak up and try to get the police to listen. I was weak for many years, struggling to come out of a very dark place I lived after discovering what happened to my child, but I am stronger now and ready to resume the fight.

My daughter has been a drug addict since the age of 12 and she lives a very dangerous lifestyle. The pain never leaves me, and it is this pain that gives me the courage to fight and do what I can to prevent anybody else from suffering as I and so many other families here have.

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And a book is in the works.... it isn't about sensationalism, or fame as some..... it is about getting out the word, and holding the police accountable to listen, and consider this man a viable suspect in the BC killings, thus perhaps bringing some kind of closure to both me and other families who have suffered....

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